Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Marvelous End of the Year Reminiscing.

2008 is almost over.
Thank God.
I did not enjoy this year that much.
So I've made a pact with myself,
I will make 2009 a year that I'll always want to look back on.

This year I got one of my most amazing friends back and lost her again all within about a 7 or 8 month period (we're still friends, she just relocated to the evil Florida). Technology-wise, this year I went through 4 phones and managed not to kill my laptop, which is a huge feat for me. I also managed to come out of my shell a little bit and realized that this whole year I had spent my time trying to turn myself into this person that I thought I should be, when really I should just be the person I am.

In 2009, I'm only making 2 resolutions,
- Seek God, truly seek Him.
- Keep strong in myself and my image. It doesn't matter what I'm expected to dress like or how I'm expected to act. I'm just going to be me.

So in honor of the year passing, I'm stealing an idea from Candice.
My "Tops" of 2008.

Top Movies of 2008

1. The Fall (technically it's 2006, but technicalities mess everything up)

2. The Dark Knight

3. Twilight

4. Iron Man

5. Made of Honor (we all know why this made the list, I just can't help myself when it comes to Patrick Dempsey)

- Honorable Mention -


Most Listened to Albums of 2008

1. Riot! - Paramore. (This was the winner last year as well)

2. Something Real - Meg & Dia.

3. Combinations - Eisley.

4. We The Kings - We The Kings.

5. So Wrong, It's Right - All Time Low.

- Honorable Mention -

Can't Stop Won't Stop - The Maine.

Rotation - Cute Is What We Aim For.

Pretty. Odd. - Panic At The Disco.

Diamonds In The Rough - Avenged Sevenfold.

Folie a Duex - Fall Out Boy. (The only reason this isn't in the Top 10 is because I just got it for Christmas)

Top Songs of 2008

1. "Dear Maria, Count Me In" - All Time Low. (words cannot describe the excitement I feel whenever I hear this song.)

2. "Crushcrushcrush" - Paramore.

3. "Check Yes Juliet" - We The Kings.

4. "Shake It" - Metro Station

5. "Decode" - Paramore.

6. "Roses" - Meg & Dia.

7. "All Over You" - The Spill Canvas

8. "You Really Got A Hold On Me (Cover)" - She & Him.

9. "Caney Mountain" - Ha Ha Tonka.

10. "I Kissed A Girl" - Katy Perry.

- Honorable Mention -

"Homecoming" - Hey Monday.

"Poppin' Champagne" - All Time Low.

"I Don't Care" - Fall Out Boy.

"In Color" - Jamey Johnson.

Top Five Played Songs on my iPod (which I've only had for about a month)

1. "Brave" - Idina Menzel.

2. "Life On The Moon" - David Cook.

3. "Decode" - Paramore.

4. "Many Funerals" - Eisley.

5. "Check Yes Juliet" - We The Kings.

- Honorable Mention -

"Love Addict" - Family Force 5.

"No Good Deed" - Wicked.

"If I Didn't Care" - Amy Adams & Lee Pace (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day)

"Bad Things" - Jace Everett.

New Bands of 2008 That You Should Check Out

1. She & Him.

2. Kingbilly.

3. Hey Monday.

4. The Maine.

5. Joey + Rory.

- Honorable Mention -

Lady Antebellum.


Hottest Male Actors of 2008

1. Patrick Dempsey.

2. Lee Pace (Pushing Daisies, The Fall, Wonderfalls)

3. John Krasinski (The Office)

4. Jesse Spencer (House, Uptown Girls)

5. Jackson Rathbone. (If you didn't know, Jasper is my favorite character from the Twilight books, so of course Jackson makes the list.)

- Honorable Mention -

Jesse Hutch. (About A Girl, American Dreams)

Scott Michael Foster. (Greek)

Hottest Male Musicians of 2008

1. Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low)

2. Donny Fallgatter (Kingbilly)

3. Kevin Jonas (duuuuuuh.)

4. John O (The Maine)

5. Zac Farro (Paramore)

- Honorable Mention -

Patrick Stump.

Dave Haywood.

Chris Young.

Best TV Shows of 2008

1. Pushing Daisies. (R.I.P.)

2. House.

3. The Office.

4. Secret Life Of The American Teenager.

5. About A Girl. (R.I.P.)

-Honorable Mention -

Greek. (I love this show, but was not able to watch it this year because it's in the same time slot as House)

Ghost Hunters.

Most New Music Anticipated of 2009

1. My Chemical Romance. (They haven't said anything yet, but a girl can hope.)

2. Eisley.

3. Paramore.

4. Say Anything.

5. Chiodos.

Let's play state the obvious:

-I'm a huge Paramore fan.

-I really like All Time Low

- Patrick Dempsey is awesome blossom.

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